Westpac stole my Super from my BT Super account

I received my annual Super Statement dated 12 July 2016 from BT Funds Management Limited, which is owned by Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac), saying:

BT Annual Statement 2016

Balance at 30 June 2016 **             $80.65

I used to work as an IT professional for years before I fell ill and was unable to work. I used to contribute $1,000.00 a month into my BT Superannuation on top of my former employers’ compulsory contribution.

Where has my BT Superannuation gone?

Westpac stole my Superannuation from my BT Superannuation account.

Westpac stole my superannuation from my BT Super account which has been managed by BT Funds Management Limited which is owned by Westpac.